Businesses run better with a purpose. It gives you the confidence to make decisions around working capital, human capital, and strategic initiatives. Purpose emerges from the owner’s desire, their family’s vision, employee relationships and the community served.





We engage business owners throughout the company’s lifecycle to provide targeted solutions aligned with their defined purpose. We collaborate with their team of advisors and our network of professionals to bring specific expertise to the table. Our goal is to allow owners to remain focused on their company while we implement their desired strategies.

The Owner and Their Family

Build a foundational family plan.


  • Family Dynamics
  • Family Values
  • Financial Condition


  • Long-term vision for the family through the lens of both the owner and spouse


  • Different paths to achieve family success while accounting for areas of risk and points of friction.

The Business

Align the business with the family’s vision

Cash Flow Management

  • Business vs Personal Balance Sheet

Owner Dependence

  • Resource of Time

Management Structure

  • Business Viability

Business Valuation

  • Understanding Worth

Exit Strategy

  • Plan for How & When


Tailor benefits to maximize value for employees and company

401(k) and SIMPLE IRA Plans

Cash Balance Pension Plans

Non-Qualified Executive Compensation

Group Health

Group Life & Disability

Dependent Care Assistance

Education & Financial Planning

Retirement Transition


Transition to the next phase of life

Family Succession

Business Sale/Transition

Wealth Management


Wealth Transfer

New Ventures

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